|  Eduardo Tous Granda  |

Eduardo Tous Granda graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) in 2012, and he has been a member of the Madrid Bar Association ever since.

From 2013 to 2019, he combined the practical practice of law – performing corporate law transactions, as well as active involvement in commercial litigation and arbitration within prominent national and international arbitration courts – with dedicated pursuit of his PhD in Commercial Law at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid´s Faculty of Law.

Furthermore, in conjunction with presenting numerous papers at various international conferences, he also undertook a Visiting Researcher to Harvard Law School in the United States during this period, thereby deepening his studies.

Finally, in 2019, Eduardo culminated his academic endeavors by presenting his doctoral thesis titled “La Mutua de Seguros en el Siglo XXI” (Mutual Insurance in the 21st Century), demonstrating proficiency in both Spanish and English. His thesis defense not only secured him the prestigious “Cum Laude” distinction but also bestowed upon him the accolade of Doctor with an international commendation in Commercial Law. Additionally, he garnered the exceptional UCM Law School Prize and the distinguished award from the Royal Spanish Academy of Doctors for his outstanding achievement.

The simultaneous practice of Commercial Law and gaining in-deph knowledge of the mechanics of mutualism and its core principle of solidarity during the course of his doctoral thesis, Eduardo conceived the idea of establishing a law firm transcending commercial legal consultation. This concept revolves around providing counsel that not only meets client’s needs but also generates a constructive impact on society.

Likewise, and due to the close link between Eduardo and the University since the preparation of his PhD, he actively collaborates as an associate professor in several national and foreign universities of recognized prestige and has published several articles in specialized legal journals.



Spanish, English and French.


Organizations to which he belongs:

Madrid Bar Association (ICAM).

Spanish Section of the International Association of Insurance Law (SEAIDA).

The Young Arbitration and ADR Forum (YAAF) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Spanish Arbitration Club.